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Catalogs & Publications

Warren Graphics handles all aspects of catalog and publication production including design, production and printing. Utilizing a carefully cultivated network of manufacturers, we are able to use high-end sheet-fed printers or the latest in web press technology to satisfy even the most work-intensive, time-sensitive orders.

The continuing advancement of computer-to-plate technology allows even small print runs to be produced on the latest web equipment. Our vendors' plants, located in Quebec, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, offer us access to some of the newest and most technologically-advanced equipment in the industry, allowing us to complement the exceptional quality we provide with equally impressive pricing.

From cover concept to page layout, Warren Graphics can handle every
aspect of your catalog or publication's design. We can also finish the project you start. We can do clipping paths; we can set copy that complements the photographs that you provide; we can even arrange to take shots of your products ourselves – whatever you need to take your publication from concept to finished piece, we can provide. Below is a more detailed description of what every catalog planner should keep in mind before undertaking such a task:

A Catalog Planning Primer

Creating a catalog requires careful planning, timing and execution.

The first question you need to ask yourself in the planning phase involves determining what kind of catalog you’ll want to produce – will it being going to consumers or to businesses? This will affect page layout as consumer catalogs have a tendency to feature a more open design with fewer items per page. Next, you have to determine what you’ll be requiring in terms of order forms, mailing envelopes, etc. to supplement the catalog’s initial distribution and the subsequent response to it.

From a timing standpoint, you’ll need to decide how many times a year it will be produced and then, make sure that you plan carefully so that you provide yourself with enough preparation time to get it out on schedule. The creation of a new catalog takes longer than you think – organization and photography alone can take 6-8 weeks – and while condensing this timeframe is possible, we strongly recommend against it. Producing a second one at a later date does offer economies of scale that are the result of lessons learned from your initial production run.

Once you’ve planned carefully, you need to execute – and proper execution begins with employing the right personnel – individuals experienced in both designing and producing a catalog. They can help you decide on the most appropriate format for your product photography – one that will appeal to your target market yet be easy to work with and around. This will help you to avoid both the cost and time overruns that can result from having an inexperienced designer handling your project. Along with the layout, make sure that you have all the necessary product information – sizes, prices, part numbers, availability, etc. – nothing slows the production process more than waiting for missing data.

Finally, use a printer that is familiar with the catalog printing process. Get printing and scheduling quotations from a couple of sources so that you know that you’re getting the best possible value. Also, give the printer enough lead time so that paper can be ordered in advance. As a rule, allow 2-3 weeks for printing, binding and mailing. And make sure that you prepare your mailing data in advance of your print date so that everyone knows how and when your piece will be distributed.

Then, get to work. You have a complex project ahead of you. How can we help?